How to select your garage?

There are lot of time when we need to take hard decision in life but the hardest decision in life is to choose best garage for your vheicle. Most of us treat their vehicle as their own child and no parent can choose bad doctor for thier child. In same way how you can choose a bad mechanic for your vehicle.

So how we can solve this issue.? This is the basic question which we are gonna answer today and will guide you step by step.

Steps to select best garage:

  1. The garage should be either on your way to work so that you dont need to go in different direction to drop your vehicle. As nearer to your work location, you can save more time and money.
  2. You need to choose garage depending upon the service provided by garge. It will eliminate the large chunk of results because most of time the garage doesnt provide the services you are looking.
  3. Once you have decided the location and you have list of garage which provide the service you are looking for you need to check the rating of the garages. you can select top ratings garage but there is catch when you filter based out of rating you need to take care of few things such as:
    • The rating volume is the one tool which can eliminate lots of confusion. You can have two types of garage where one garage might have one rating of 5* and second garage of avarage of 4.5 * having 20+ review. so you need to select whose volume is more and have best rating. Dont select garage where volume is 1 or 2 and rating  is 5 unless or untill you wanna experiment with your vehicle.
    • The rating quality you need to check. You can observe a specfic pattern that on many garages you will find same kind of comments of good rating wwithout comments or bad rating without comment. Here you need to apply your 6th sense and decide the pattern you see. According to that check the quality, issue written by customer or best things written by customer.

By following these steps you can choose best garage for your vehcile servicing.

You can also serach your best garage on mechaneed where you have all hand curated garages to serve you. Book the best service for your vehicle today.



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