Book a Car & Bike repair service @your door step !

I am an IT professional in MNC situated in Bengaluru. I care for my vehicle a lot. I always prefer a timely service and maintenance of my vehicle. I generally get my vehicle serviced on weekends as it is the only time I get for it, but sometime I feel very tired and think that it is a very tiring process to get the vehicle serviced as I have to wait for a lot of time to get my vehicle serviced. Also waking up early in morning makes me irritated as I don’t get to sleep a lot otherwise. I had not known how to solve this issue because on weekdays my boss does not leave me early and on weekdays my bed! Sad story of my life. 

At times, just like today, I tried to go early morning before office and leave my car for servicing, but this was such a headache because the workshop was not on  my way to office and getting a cab/auto was horrible in that area, it being the busiest area in Bangalore. So, I reached office late and my boss became a monster by that time and scolded me badly.

One of my friend who saw me in the morning with the boss shouting at me told me to have a look at some online car service applications. Earlier, I didn’t believe in such services and never tried these kinds of service because I used to think they are fake, but after today’s moment I thought “let’s give it a damn try and instead of booking online I instead called Mechaneed for booking my service via a phone call. You wont believe that they talked so nicely and understood all issues and I got so much assurance. Next day they came to my doorstep, did the serviced my car and Yayyy car was ready with new spark to it. 

I tried and tested before giving money, as  I am miser in that case and believe in proper services to be done. To my surprise, the car service was awesome and the bill was worthy and for car service @doorstep. It was worth the money as I saved lots of time and angry faces. 

So, I recommend everyone in my circle to book their vehicle services @doorstep or get it pick up by mechaneed. You can do it too!





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