Tired of Dirty car! Book a Car Wash @your doorstep!

Rainy season, i just love this season. Drinking a tea and pakoda are favorite time in this season. Moreover if you belongs to bangalore, you cant predict the weather and its sudden plan of rain. You cant plan anything for bangalore monsoon. One moment you are completely dry and on another moment you are wet like hell.

But there is one situation where i just hate the rain water and that is with my car. I never want to see my dirty car, packed in mud. I am not able to identify the car wheel color even and splotch of muds on rear of my car makes the condition worse. I dont feel like driving the car but what can be the option. I have to go office and i dont have time to go for car washing center. For mostly days i dont have option to do anything for my car. Only on sundays i get time when i can take care of my vehicle.

My one friend who recently purchased the car is the same kind of person as i am. He never get late for office, never take extra leave but to my surprise his car is always clean. One day when i couldnt resisit myself i asked him on tea break that ravish how you get time to clean your car every week. I didnt have time to go for garage even. Then he shared a contact card with me which is for doorstep  car wash and car service company mechaneed. without second thought i book an appointment with mechaneed. Next day they came to my house, cleaned up car interior and exterior and my car was looking completely new. I couldnt take off my eyes from my car. The service was worthy and time saving.

Now i drive in my car worry free as every saturday i have my cleaning partner Mechaneed.



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