7 Best practices to save fuel

We all are burdened with heavy petrol prices these days and dont know how to save that money. As automobile has become our integral part of life, we cant give away those luxries and start using cycles but driving with that much petrol prices will soon put up in a state where we have to sell our vehicle for food.

So today we will share 7 best practices by which you can save a little fuel.

  1. Drive at steady speed: Changing between different speeds on the road leads to high petrol consumption. Always try to be on normal speed instead of giving fluctuation which put more pressure on engine
  2. Right tyre pressure: Right tyre pressure helps you going an extra mile in your same petrol budget. it helps to avoid extra drag due to less pressure in tyre.
  3. Timly service: Timly service of vehicle and engine will put the less load on the engine which helps in reduction of petrol.
  4. Drive at low gear: If you drive on high speed with low gear then you are wasting too much extra petrol in just load handling. Dont drive vehicle in low gear for long time as low gear puts more load and will drive more petrol consumption in fuel chamber.
  5. Parking vehicle in direct sun light: If you park in direct sunlight it will effect the volume of fuel which will help you to go empty tank soon.
  6. Covering of engine front side: If you cover your engine from sides and front side, the engine fins will not enough air to cool down. This will lead to increased temprature and will lead in extra consumption of fuel.
  7. Stuck in traffic: If you are stuck in traffic and increasing your rpm to keep the engine on , then dont do it and switch off your engine if you are waiting for more then 30 sec. This will save fuel wastage

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