Do’s and don’ts; If you are travelling in traffic.

Being stuck in traffic and getting frustrated? Wondering what is wrong and why even it happens?
Afraid when someone carelessly overtakes and scares the life out of you? Well, here are certain things that you should inculcate in your day to day driving practices to be safe yourself and making the roads better.


First and foremost thing to take care of is the speed that you drive at. Understand your
vehicles and its limits. Go at speeds only which you are comfortable at. There will be idiots
who will always drive senselessly, so you need to be at a speed where you are confident you
can control. – Be ready for the brakes. You never know who the next idiot will be or where the deep
pothole might appear. So always be ready to slam the brake, but softly. – Another very important thing is to learn and remember is lane discipline. Drive in lanes, give
indicators while changing lanes to signal others. – Always use signal indicators. Vehicle indicators are very important to signal others on the
road about where you want to turn when you want to turn. – Always remember to select low beam. – Ensure your vehicle service is properly done. Make sure everything is working properly.
Wash your vehicle to prevent parts from getting bad because of dust and mud.

Don’ts: –

Never brake very hard, unless and until very very necessary. This is very dangerous in traffic
and you can easily get hit from behind, injuring you or the other person. – There is a common practice amongst people to occupy lanes from the other side of the road,
which does not give space to oncoming traffic and leads to jams. Avoid going to the other
side and give everyone space. – Never change your lane abruptly as this poses a danger to everyone. – Do not drive on high beam, especially in city areas. It is meant to be used when you are not
able to see anything and there is no oncoming traffic. – Don’t blow your horn unnecessarily. There are times when someone ahead can’t do anything, so honking won’t help. Be patient and drive! – Never ever drink and drive
– Don’t use your cellphone while driving

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