Eco-Friendly Dry wash-Do your bit!!

Do you really care about the environment, about awareness, about what you do and about what you want to contribute to this world? We understand that a lot of you are concerned about the problems of the world and want to do your small part in helping avert a crisis which might leave us devoid of the environment that we currently live in.
At mechaneed, we provide you an option to make you take one small step towards it in the form of our dry wash technique. Dry wash is a process in which chemically formulated, non-polluting and non-hazardous materials are used to clean your vehicle by us. It saves about 10-20 liters of water per wash for your vehicle, saving tones of water when the majority of people opt for it.
The idea of bringing dry vehicle washes in the wide range of services listed by Mechaneed originated when one employee was giving a talk on Environment and the rising water scarcity throughout the world. The talk left the office in a state of thinking and we decided to do something from our part, while also involving those who would associate with us. After a few brainstorming sessions and some market research, we met with a company who produced what we needed – a material that would allow us to clean without using water. The material was tested according to the automotive application and it did wonders! We now have our trusted partners using it and providing dry washes to our customers!
You can also book your dry wash and contribute your small part by saying no to washing your vehicle using water! Hurry and book a dry wash now, along with complete vehicle servicing (including Doorstep services too!).
Visit now!! Call us on +91-7975013095 to book today or visit our facebook page for more details.


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