Break of clutch cable? How to change a clutch wire for two-wheeler.

What happens when our brain stops working? Our heart is still beating, so we are still alive but we can’t do anything or go anywhere. All other parts don’t move or react. That phase is called a coma. In a similar fashion, our vehicle suffers from a coma when the clutch wire breaks. Without a clutch, the vehicle is in the same phase where an engine is thumping but you can’t take it anywhere, you are not able to move.

This looks scarier when your vehicle’s clutch wire breaks in the middle of nowhere on long rides. How would they tow the vehicle to a nearby garage is the biggest question which stops many people to not to go for long rides.

To solve this problem we will learn how to fix the clutch wire for two-wheelers.

Accessories you need:

  1. A new Clutch wire
  2. Spanner
  3. Cutting Plier

Steps to be followed:

  1. Remove the old clutch wire from both sides (one side from the clutch lever near the handle, the second side will be near engine area; refer to image given)
  2. Add the wire to clutch lever and keep it little loose for the later adjustment
  3. Add the wire to socket as shown in arrow 1.
  4. Now tighten up the clutch lever bolt and the bolt 3 shown in arrow to adjust the length of rubber area.
  5. Once your clutch is adjusted, you will feel the clutch lever tighten while pulling and releasing while pushing.


And as simply as that, you clutch cable is fixed. Now ride worry free and go on that long drive you always put away!


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